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pale blue and dark green - i see water i see Woods. I feel Myself - life at its core - in the rythms of breath and feet, feet and breath. The symphony of Pure existance - now.

eyes like young leaves- happy, light and so true - wild and free.

every moment i search the horizon for a hint of myself
experiencing my limits, feeling my strength, standing here looking down to the world - so little they all seem far away.
letting go of my problems like a snake leaves behind its skin - just for a Tiny Moment - now.
up here its silent and everything is at peace -
i could jump up high and fly away forever - in the wisdom i catch breathing in the beauty surrounding the top of my world.

i wanna break the Limits - i wanna experience truth - living wild and free - just be.

if u give me your hand i show you a whole new world,
sitting happy and keen at ease at the top of the mountain watching
time fly by breathing in the pureness of existance.
being part of the moment as it is, enjoying life for a while - the rhythm so peaceful,
hard to catch through the dust of the day
but only here and now in the stillness i am.
there is nothing to do or say just feel the rich emptiness of the mind, the pureness of our souls dancing together to open us to the wisdom we carry inside. Now.